Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the concept for Ukraine Global Scholars?
Why are you helping me? What are you getting from this?
Who are you funded by?
Will I have to return back to work in Ukraine? If yes, for how long and when?
Do you keep helping finalists after they have been admitted to schools abroad?
Are finalists expected to contribute to the UGS community? If so, how?
What are the admissions criteria? What does a holistic approach mean?
Will I receive feedback on my application if I get rejected?
Do high school grades matter? (Should I provide final year grade reports to UGS?)
Why do you request a financial form?
How many interviews will I have?
How will my admissions decision be communicated to me?
Can I apply to UGS if I am a university student?
Can I apply if I am 18 years old?
Can I apply to your program twice?
What if I am this year’s FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange Program) or CCC (Competitive College Club) finalist?
Can I pay the money to get into your program?
What if I do not have Ukrainian citizenship?
Which level of English proficiency do you require?
What standardized tests will I have to take? Will UGS help me prepare?
What are the differences between colleges, universities, and boarding schools?
Do you have an affiliation with any college, university, or boarding school?
Who pays for students' education abroad?
Do UGS finalists only apply to educational institutions in the US?
Will I apply to colleges or boarding schools?
When will I get to apply to the US?
How will UGS help me get admitted to a school abroad?
Do you guarantee admission to any college, university, or boarding school?
What if I do not get admitted to any U.S. college, university, or boarding school?
When will I be able to start my studies abroad if I get admitted to a foreign institution?
Can I stay abroad and get a master's degree after college graduation? Will you help me with the application process?