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Ukraine Global Scholars (UGS) is a non-profit organization that has helped 300 Ukrainian high school students from modest backgrounds receive $62+ million in scholarships to top global boarding schools and colleges. In exchange, students commit to return to Ukraine for 5 years to rebuild the country.

Ukraine Global Scholars
Ukraine Global Scholars

Who we are

UGS mission statement and values

We aim to raise a new generation of Ukrainian leaders capable of accelerating the development of post-war Ukraine and the world. Through mentorship, education, career guidance, and empowerment for Ukrainian youth, we seek to scale our impact and generate a powerful ripple effect.


Unlocking impact through global education and opportunities

We support scholars from modest backgrounds with the application process, internships, and independent ventures. All scholars commit to return to Ukraine within 5 years after college graduation and to work in managerial positions for at least 5 years.


Sustaining impact through a strong network

We build a family of bright and patriotic Ukrainians passionate about changing Ukraine and the world. UGS scholars serve as Ukraine’s ambassadors on school campuses and give back to UGS through volunteering.


Scaling impact through results-driven mindset

Leadership Team and Mentors collaborate to maximize full-scholarship admission chances, committed to finding best fit schools based on each scholar’s profile and preferences.

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What we do

We help Ukrainians get into top schools, find internships, start own projects.

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Identify ~70 scholars annually (5-7% acceptance rate).

We have a dedicated admissions team and a three-stage application process. The process consists of an online application, online English and Math tests, and 1-3 online admission interviews.

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Guide students through the application process.

We have a network of 60+ mentors and 30+ co-mentors providing 1:1 application guidance. All scholars attend a 10-day onboarding camp, and those who need to improve test scores, attend a 6-week test prep school. We also cover 100% of application expenses.

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Work with partner schools to maximize admissions.

We work with ~50 boarding schools and ~50 college partners to help find best fit opportunities for students. In many cases, we also serve as emergency points of contact, help with host family placements and travel (on the as-needed basis).

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Help alumni find internships and build ventures.

We work with 40 Ukraine-based domestic and international employers to facilitate the placement of UGS scholars into 8-week summer internships. We also provide strategic guidance to our students who launch their own ventures.

Our results

We build a network of high-potential Ukrainians, multiplying our impact.

Since 2015, UGS has helped 300 young Ukrainians receive $62+ million in full scholarships. In 8 years, we grew our applicant pool from 100+ to 750+, the yearly number of scholars from 10+ to 100+, the broader UGS network of students, mentors, partner admissions officers, employers, etc. from 0 to 350.

250 (86%)

students admitted at boarding schools and colleges.


in scholarships awarded by schools.


in operating expenses.


applications received.


Our free online course at Prometheus

A free online course reflecting years of UGS experience and knowledge of international admissions is available on the Prometheus platform.

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Over the years, we have been featured by numerous media outlets, including Forbes Ukraine (#1), KyivPost(#1, #2), Voice of America (#1, #2, #3), Atlantic Council, 1+1, and others.

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